does heart rate really matter

Does Heart Rate Really Matter

Does Heart Rate Really Matter For years, this is not unlike what we’ve done with heart-rate training. Measuring exercise intensity using heart rate has suffered from two major problems: Using relatively inaccurate formulas to make specific exercise-intensity recommendations Attaching discrete, seemingly all-or-nothing objectives to various heart-rate ranges The overreaction to these problems has taken the […]

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Women's Core Workouts

Women’s Core Workouts at Home

Tone Your Tummy with These Women’s Core Workouts at Home Swimsuit season is upon us, and most of us are looking for a quick (and hopefully easy) way to tone up our tummies without having to lug ourselves down to the gym four or five days a week. Thankfully, there are a bunch of different […]

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bodybuilding for women

Bodybuilding For Women: How To Get Started

You need more than just diet change to get rid of excess fat and tone your body. If you want to be a female bodybuilder who everyone admires, then you must put some extra work into it. You must be ready to hit your gym regularly, stick to your workout regime, and of course eat […]

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Core Exercises For Women

Top Core Exercises For Women: Feel the Burn

Strengthening your body with the right core exercises for women not only helps you develop a sleeker, more toned appearance, but it can also help improve the way you perform just about all everyday tasks. For many women, however, getting started can be difficult, because they may not know where to begin. This is especially […]

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