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What Is The Best Pre Workout Meal?

Eating before a workout is important, but what you eat makes a big difference to your workout session and your energy levels during the workout. The best pre workout meal gives you energy, but does not make you feel too full to work out. The ideal meal or snack before a workout should give you high quality carbohydrates and lean proteins, and keep you hydrated throughout the workout.

What Is the Best Pre Workout Meal?

Is there such a thing as a best pre workout meal? What you eat before working out affects your energy levels and determines how well you train, whether you are a beginner in exercising, a weight trainer or a professional athlete. It is always important to eat before working out to give your body energy for the training.

The best pre work out meal should contain some carbohydrates because your muscles need carbs for fast energy. Carbohydrate-rich foods include pasta, breads, rice, cereals and fruits. Protein is important for the muscles and for the blood that circulates to your muscles during the workout. Staying hydrated throughout the exercise or workout session is important to guarantee the optimum performance.

The best pre workout meal should have a moderate carbohydrate and protein content, should include fluids, should be low in fat and should be easy to digest. It should contain foods that you are used to eating and that your body tolerates and does not have an adverse reaction to. Carbohydrates that are easy to digest and make one of the best pre workout meal options include a banana or a piece of toast or half a pre workout meal

Options for the Best Pre Workout Meal

For the best pre workout meal try a piece of whole wheat toast with some fruit, such as a banana. This easy snack will give you carbohydrates for fast energy and is also easy to digest. Bananas also contain potassium, a mineral your body loses when it sweats. Bananas contain carbs that are easy on most people’s digestion, and they also contain many important nutrients.

Another good option for the best pre workout meal is to eat some yogurt with granola or trail mix. Yogurt is easy to digest and the granola will guarantee that you also get some carbs from your snack.

Natural unsweetened trail mixes that are mainly based on dried fruit and nuts or seeds give you a fast boost of energy. An energy bar is a convenient option for the best pre workout meal especially when you are busy and do not have time to prepare a meal. Make sure the energy bar contains come carbohydrates, some protein and only a little fat. Some energy bars are high in calories and contain a lot of sugar or fat.

You should make sure your diet contains enough protein in general to help muscle growth and recovery. Eating protein-rich foods after a workout is important, and the best pre workout meal should also contain some protein. Easy protein-rich snacks include chocolate milk and boiled eggs. Protein shakes are also a good option especially if you exercise a lot and are hoping to boost muscle growth, but they are usually taken after exercise.

Is It Important To Eat Before Working Out?

Some people manage to exercise on an empty stomach. If your exercise is very light, such as walking, you might not need to eat. You should still make sure you are well hydrated. Eating before working out helps to keep blood sugar levels more stable, and prevents you from feeling light-headed or dizzy. You should eat 1-2 hours before you start your exercise, and keep the meal nutritious but light.

You should also drink enough water throughout the day and some time before the workout to prevent dehydration. Drink approximately two cups of water two hours before your workout to make sure you are well hydrated. If you live and exercise in a hot climate and your workout is intense, it can be a good idea to drink sports drinks before and after the session. Sports drinks contain fluids but also sodium and carbohydrates, and you will need more sodium if you exercise intensively in a hot and humid climate.

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