treadmill workouts

Treadmill Workouts

Lose Weight and Get in Shape with Treadmill Workouts

It goes without saying that there are lots of different ways to get into better shape. However, treadmill workouts are among the most popular for a number of good reasons.

Treadmills are easy to use, as well as relatively inexpensive when compared to the alternatives. You can easily install one in your own home and every gym will naturally have several. Plus, they’re a great way to burn calories and easily get a full-body workout into your schedule a few times a week.

However, some people still wrongly think of the treadmill as a lackluster, one-dimensional way to get active. Here we’ll examine why treadmill workouts are in fact among the most creative, flexible ways to work out. We’ll explore how to make sure you get the most out of yours as well.

The Basics of Effective Treadmill Workouts

Working out on a treadmill is considered to be one of the best ways to get in shape for a reason. Whether you prefer to run, jog, or walk on yours, you’re working so much more than just your legs.

Treadmill workouts of all kinds also target your abdominal muscles, your back muscles, and your arm muscles depending on your technique. They’re also an excellent way to build pulmonary capacity and cardiac strength.

How to Get Started with Treadmill Workouts

Don’t worry about jogging or running long distances right off the bat. Instead, start by building a firm foundation.

Set a tentative goal of being able to run 30 minutes continuously within 8 weeks, but start with what you’re currently capable of doing – even if it’s just walking – and take things from there. Alternate walking and jogging when you feel ready. Move up to alternating between jogging and running.

It’s also important to be aware that treadmill workouts constitute high-impact exercise. This can lead to pain or discomfort in your joints if you have knee or ankle problems. If this is the case for you, it might be best to stick to brisk walking as opposed to jogging or running. You’ll still get an amazing workout.

treadmill workouts

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Treadmill Workouts

Even the most basic treadmill workouts come attached to immense benefits. However, there are several simple but effective ways to get more out of yours.

Add Weights:

Wear wrist weights or hold hand weights while you’re walking on your treadmill. Pump your arms in time with your pace. This helps elevate calorie burn, improve the difficulty of your workout, and build tone in your arms as well as your core and legs.

Try Interval Training:

Many people also achieve excellent results with treadmill workouts when they combine theirs with floor exercises. Try walking for 10 minutes, jogging for 10 more, and then doing 10 minutes of lunges, crunches, or jumping jacks. Repeat for a second round if you feel up to it.

It’s also important to stay safe during any workout, treadmill workouts included. Always monitor your heart rate. Beginners should shoot for 50-60% of their maximum heart rate. (Calculate maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from the number 200.) Make sure you stay well hydrated as well.