Men's Core Workouts

Men’s Core Workouts Guide

Six Pack Abs Guaranteed with These Men’s Core Workouts

The odds are pretty good that you’ve been lied to in the past about what it takes to build a rocksolid core and six pack abs that absolutely pop.

Most men are led to believe that their only chance of getting six pack abs and a washboard like stomach is to pump out crunch after crunch, do hundreds and hundreds of situps, and then plank for 15 minutes or more as their men’s core workouts – but literally nothing could be further from the truth.

Sure, you might be able to develop six pack abs that way, but you’re just as likely to completely fry these critical stabilization muscles all throughout your core, injuring yourself, and setting back your progress significantly.

Not only that, but if you hammer out those men’s core workouts (the “traditional” ab workouts that so many pseudo-experts recommend left and right), you’re going to be taking the slow boat to a tight and toned stomach and maybe the most powerful and strong core you’ve ever had.

Why waste time when you can slam your core and really pop your abs just by taking advantage of the handful of men’s core workouts that we recommend below?

Shall we jump right in?

Treat Your Core Like Any Other Group of Muscles

Almost all men understand that you can’t expect to get stronger and bigger muscles by doing the same exercises over and over (and over and over).

That just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

That kind of approach is going to guarantee that you burn out faster than you ever would have thought possible, and you’ll plateau somewhere along the line – or even worse, injure yourself seriously so that all of your progress falls by the wayside anyway.

Instead, you’ll want to work with different weights (light work and high reps one day, heavy work and low reps the next, etc.), you’ll want to mix up your exercises, and you want to be sure to give yourself plenty of rest and plenty of protein.

This is a group of muscles that you’re working, after all, and you need to treat it like any other.

Plate Raises Blast All of Your Core Muscles

One of the best men’s core workouts you’ll ever get is simply grabbing a weight plate with both of your hands, lifting it up to your waist, and then slowly raising it up to about shoulder height – pausing at shoulder level before you slowly bring it back down again. Remember, use lighter plates and higher reps some days and heavier plates and lower reps others to make the most of this workout.

One Legged Dumbbell Rows

Another one of the killer men’s core workouts out there, one legged dumbbell rows, start with you holding a dumbbell in one hand and then standing on the leg opposite to that side. Push your bent leg back behind you as you begin to row the dumbbell, try to keep your core as straight and stable as you can throughout the entire movement.

Rinse and repeat with the other side until failure.

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