does drinking water help you lose weight

Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

So How Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

It goes without saying that cleaning up your diet and keeping to a regular exercise regime are the cornerstones of weight loss. But what about other details – like drinking water? Of course staying well hydrated is great for your health, but can it really help you with the battle of the bulge?

An increasing number of experts are saying yes. But how does drinking water help you lose weight anyway? Here we’ll take a closer look at how adding more water to your diet can help you reach your goal weight once and for all.

Staying Full

By now, we all know that if we’re serious about losing weight, we also need to get serious about creating a daily calorie deficit. However, it’s easy for even the most meticulous diets to fall by the wayside once those hunger pangs set in.

So how does drinking water help you lose weight? It all starts with the way water keeps you feeling full. This helps discourage overeating and keep your appetite under control. Try drinking a full glass right before every meal for best results.

Boosting Your Metabolism

Staying well hydrated is an important part of keeping your metabolism going as well.

According to various studies — including one conducted by Berlin’s Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center – drinking a minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily can increase metabolic rate by up to 30%. This is the case for both men and women.

So when it comes to how does drinking water help you lose weight, staying hydrated doesn’t just help you eat less. It helps you more efficiently burn the calories you do take in.

Does drinking water help you lose weight

Water Improves Digestion

Making sure to drink plenty of water also helps improve your overall digestion and body function. Water helps your body better process the food you take in, as well as assists in the transportation of nutrients.

As far as how does drinking water help you lose weight, it aids in the elimination of built-up waste material, which in some people’s cases can add up to several pounds of extra weight.

Ridding your body of this waste buildup will not only help you drop a quick couple of pounds, but you’ll feel better too.

Getting the Most Out of Workouts

As touched on above, water is exactly what your body needs most when it comes to functioning efficiently. If you’re active or planning on leveraging exercise to help you lose weight, then upping your water intake is imperative.

So how does drinking water help you lose weight? It ensures that your workouts are more effective by keeping you hydrated throughout.

For best results, drink two cups of water two hours before your workout. Weigh yourself both right before and right after activity. Then drink an additional two cups of water for every pound you lost while active to ensure optimal hydration.