bodybuilding for women

Bodybuilding For Women: How To Get Started

You need more than just diet change to get rid of excess fat and tone your body. If you want to be a female bodybuilder who everyone admires, then you must put some extra work into it. You must be ready to hit your gym regularly, stick to your workout regime, and of course eat right. With the correct advice bodybuilding for women should be something reachable within several months of hard work and commitment. Here is a guide to help you get started and make your body not only fat free but also a visual statement of taunt sinew and rippling muscle.

Firstly, Commit to the Weight Room

Bodybuilding for women doesn’t come that easy. You have to be ready to hit the weight room and have a date with your barbells three to five days a week. Perhaps you can consider Monday, Thursday and Saturday as ideal days to focus on power lifting- the deadlift, bench and squat. Bodybuilding for women involves building good muscles and burning fat, so expect to spend several session lifting weights before you start to see progress. If you fail to train hard and be consistent, all your efforts may go down the drain and keep you far from reaching your goals as expected.

Learn the Exercises

The fact that you are eager to tone your body and get the muscle mass you only dream of, it does not mean that you begin lifting the heavy weights immediately. Even the greatest female bodybuilders acknowledge that bodybuilding for women calls for one to start at a low level then proceed to lift heavier weights as they grow stronger. Take everything day at a time. Begin by spending several weeks getting used to the workout regime before lifting serious loads.

Concentrate on Cardio Intensity

Bodybuilding for women also calls for you to do some cardio workouts and concentrate on them. Whether you love outdoor biking, spinning, running, swimming or hill sprints, pick your favorite cardio exercise and hit it hard. Studies have shown that these types of exercises are one of the best in bodybuilding for women as they help burn excess fat in a time-efficient manner. The combination of cardio and weight training is essential to reaching your goal.

Eat Right Every Day

As much as you may love fast-food or chocolate, unfortunately you must say goodbye to your favorite meals, especially if they are processed or fried. As part of a bodybuilding program it is recommended you adopt a healthy lifestyle, and this means eating healthy foods. You will need to have about five or six frequent and small meals in a day and include some protein to repair muscles, healthy fats to satisfy your hunger, and carbohydrates to fuel your exercises. Professional trainers also recommend eating before and after your workout sessions. These two meals are a must to help build muscle in women.

Get a Trainer that Understands Bodybuilding for Women

If you want to maximize your goals in the shortest time possible, you have to seek services of a professional trainer. Fine, maybe you do not need someone to show you how to lift the weights or even how to jog, but when it comes to the really hard stuff or perfecting technique to get the most out of your lifts, you will need someone by your side to guide you through. Bodybuilding for women is not as easy as you may think. You need a person who can accommodate you as you exercise, help you lift loads, show you the correct positions, guide you to target specific muscles, and explain the correct eating patterns you can adopt.

Rest, Rest, Rest

Bodybuilding for women involves burning fat and building muscles all over the body. After intense workouts, your muscles tend to get damaged because of the pressure they are exposed to. You must give ample time for these muscles to heal and repair in readiness for your next workout. It is advisable that you rest after the workout and get more sleep for the best results. Taking 1 or 2 days off in a week from the gym or exercise is a must to allow your body proper rest and rejuvenation.

Achieving your goals as a female bodybuilder is not such an easy task. You must be committed to your workouts and most importantly, be consistent. If you are just getting started and want quick results, then these tips will prove helpful as you embark on the journey to attaining that great shape you have always wanted. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that bodybuilding for women calls for you learn your exercises with precision, eat more proteins and carbohydrates, and consider ample rest time after hitting the gym.

For some further reading, we recommend the fun book The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess. Check it out and stay focused on your goal!