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Women's Exercises

Women think differently than men, so why should they workout the same as men? Unique workouts and advice just for women.

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Men's Exercises

Exclusive exercise routines and fitness advice just for men. Learn how to gain lean muscle mass and keep it on the first time around.

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Diet and Nutrition

Nothing is more important to your fitness than how you eat. What you put into your body is up to 80% of the look good, feel good puzzle.

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Therapy and Yoga

Nurturing your body and caring for it properly has a direct correlation on weight. Take the time to relax, stretch and flex.

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Seeing is Believing

How quickly will you see results? Our readers that have followed our advice have made massive progress! Just check out these stats.

Weight Training
Diet and Nutrition
Mind and Body

The Local Fitness Fanatics

We are a team of fitness freaks who have come together to help YOU reach your goal. If we did it, so can you. Meet the team.

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Fitness Programs

Create your dream body with these rockin’ products. We want to share these cool fitness courses with you because they helped us get to where we are. Now it’s your turn!

  • Yoga for Beginners and Beyond
  • $21.23
  • Yoga for Stress Relief
  • AM-PM Yoga for Beginners
  • Essential Yoga for Inflexible People
  • 3 DVD Set
  • 40+ Easy to Follow Routines
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  • $29.98
  • Women’s Complete Home Fitness
  • Find Your Shape: Total Body Conditioning
  • Intense 12 week program will transform your body
  • 12 DVD Set
  • Beginner to Advanced
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  • Rushfit
  • $52.70
  • Men’s Mixed Martial Arts Training Program
  • Build Muscle Mass and Burn Fat
  • 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program
  • 6 DVD Set & 2 Nutrition Guides
  • Maximum Results in Minimum Time
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